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The Fat Grizzly offers style and comfort with it's front and rear suspension and aluminium wheels. Keep the fun rolling with up to 20 miles between charges and a locked compartment for a spare battery.

RENTAL Fat Grizzly - Fat Tires 3 Wheel Electric Scooter

  • • 2000W motor
    • Battery range 20 miles 
    • Seats up to two people 
    • Can add 2nd 18ah or 30ah battery under the footboard 
    • 2 speed control button 12mph, 18mph 
    • Twist throttle 
    • Large LED display with battery life and speedometer 
    • Front shocks AND rear shocks 
    • Removable battery 
    • Remote start/alarm 
    • Loud alarm and horn 
    • Bright led headlight 
    • Brake light 
    • Front and rear turning signal 
    • Side mirrors 
    • Scooter weight 170 pounds
    • Weight capacity is 350 pounds
    • Dimension 78*15*47 inches

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